At this time of year Wild garlic is in season and it is everywhere!

If you pass pretty much any bit of woodland you’ll be sure to notice it’s pungent smell lingering in the wind. However, the wild garlic season doesn’t tend to last all that long, make the most of it while you can!

First of all, you must take care when foraging for your own ingredients! Despite its strong scent, there have been cases of people mistaking poisonous plants for wild garlic and suffering the consequences. 

🍲 Here is a recipe for wild garlic aioli 🍴

What to look out for

As we said, wild garlic isn’t too difficult to find in our beautiful countryside. You can usually find it nestled among bluebells, attracted by the moist soil and shady woodland environment. Easy to identify by its distinctive smell and long pointed leaves, and white flowers which bloom at the end of the season. (As you can see from our picture the wild garlic in our patch has already started to flower) We recommend not to pick garlic that has too many white flowers as this shows it is slightly past its best. Although The flowers are also edible and add an interesting colour and flavour to any dish.


Wild garlic can be mistaken for lily-of-the-valley, which is toxic! Our advice... Just rub the leaves together and have a smell you’ll soon know if it’s wild garlic or not.

Wild garlic doesn’t have to be foraged, it’s a frequent staple of food markets at the peak of the season and also available online.

How to cook wild garlic

Firstly, always wash your wild garlic before cooking, and you can keep the vibrant colour after cooking by plunging into ice water.

Wild garlic can be eaten raw and in salads (you might find it a little bitter) but it’s much better when cooked. It’s worth noting that while the scent of the wild garlic is powerful, it’s flavour when cooked is more subtle.

Now to cook your wild garlic, as you would with spinach,  simply blanch or wilt for about 1 minute. Also similar to spinach the leaves shrink a lot after cooking so make sure you pick enough!

Hope you guys have found this useful,  as you can see we have been making the most of the wild garlic and have some great recipes!

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