Baking 101 - Introduction

I have always been partial to a homemade cookie or Mamgus (it means Grandma) bara brith, I guess her passion for baking must have rubbed off on me. Any spare time I have, I find myself reading through cookery books or baking something from one of those books. I find it quite addictive to create something from essentially nothing and am still amazed when digging into my cookies that at some point it was nothing but flour, sugar, eggs and butter. There really is a deep sense of satisfaction when it comes to a successful bake!

If you are anything like me resisting a fresh bake is a challenge! Long gone are the days where every village had their own bakery baking fresh bread, cakes and goodies. Which means finding genuine fresh baked goods can be quite difficult these days.

Worry not, Taste of Wales are here! We want to remind you what it’s like to smell fresh bread straight from the oven and to taste those brownies still warm and gooey inside, with easy and simple recipes for the home cook.

Before you get stuck in you are going to need some basic kitchen essentials, if you don’t have them already. Don’t worry about buying expensive top of the range equipment for baking at home! Expensive brand names don't necessarily mean a better bake. Ever heard the expression ‘all the gear, no idea'?

When buying baking equipment it really is a minefield of different materials, shapes and sizes. However there's no need to stress, we’ve got your back! We will keep this simple, it is Baking 101 after all.

So a good place to start is with the following:

  • Digital weighing scales
  • Cooling rack
  • Rubber spatula
  • Mixing bowl
  • Electric whisk
  • 8’’ Cake tin
  • Baking parchment
  • Baking tray

This list of inexpensive equipment will see you through most basic home baking recipes. All of these items are easy to come by and can be found online or at your local store.

So now that you have the equipment that you need, head over to our pantry essentials blog post and get stocked up. You’ll be baking like Mamgu in no time!

The pantry essentials

To start you off here is a Victoria Sponge recipe.

Keep an eye out for our next Baking 101 post Bread! and we will have some more recipes for you in the meantime.

Be sure to share your home baking successes and failures with #bakewithTOW

Thanks for reading!