Must haves in your pantry

My friend recently moved into a new house. His move has me thinking about setting down roots, starting something permanent. It has me thinking of all the birthdays, anniversaries and births we will face during our lifetime. Understandably some of you reading this will run down to the local supermarket on the day, pick something up and put it on the plate for these occasions. Others will love to try and make something to try and please their guests. Doesn't matter which one you are I think every person should have some essentials in their pantry ready for that special day. Who knows you might just fancy trying your luck at making that birthday cake yourself this year.

Fortunately, there is no need to spend loads of money to keep your pantry up to date. Here are a few recommendations to get a good pantry started.


  • Salt and Pepper : We have to season everything!
  • Caster Sugar :  Sweeten them cakes
  • Plain flour \ Self-raising flour : thicken sauces and rise cakes
  • Baking powder : increasing the volume and lightening the texture of baked goods.
  • Chocolate : You will make chocolate brownies once in your lifetime 
  • Dried fruit : For cakes
  • Rice : For them homemade curries 
  • Pasta : Easy, quick lunch or supper 
  • Soy sauce : If you eat a lot of stir fries 
  • Favourite hot sauce : a must if you love hot sauce 
  • Ketchup : Everyone loves ketchup 
  • Brown sauce : On every fry up!
  • Tin chopped toms : Use as a base for sauces and curries 
  • Olive oil : For dressings and flavor 
  • Veg oil : For deep frying or dressings 
  • Vinegar : For some acidity in dressings 
  • Lemons : For dressing and squeezing on fish 
  • Rapeseed oil / smoked : Healthy alternative to olive oil
  • Anchovies / cappers : Great for a salty flavor in foods 
  • Spices/herbs : Must have to make curry and pasta 

    You don't need to be a huge foodie or a Michelin-starred chef to start your pantry. Go ahead, stock up! The best thing about the pantry is these things will last for months. With all these ingredients stocked up, it allows you to make homemade curries, pasta sauce, cakes and much more.

    Hopfully you'll be cooking soon :)