We are Taste of Wales, welcome to our journey!


Our team is made up of a trio of friends, two chefs, and a tech guy that can't cook but can definitely taste. Together we realised that it was a real struggle to find good Welsh products online, without having to trawl the internet and ordering from numerous sites which can become very annoying and costly. This needed to be fixed! 

So we launched Taste of Wales, giving you a marketplace for the best Welsh food and drink products this amazing country has to offer. Where you can have an effortless, enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish. 

Our mission is to find new and innovative products from every corner of Wales and we are not leaving any stone unturned. However, this does not mean we will leave behind the great products that are already available to us. 

We just love cooking, eating and finding new ingredients and we know you guys do too! We will share recipes, advice, and ideas on the site, on the blog, and across social media. Be a part of the Taste of Wales family and get involved!

You think you have or know of a product that encapsulates the 'Taste of Wales'? Then get in touch, we would love to hear from you!