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Coaltown Coffee - Black Gold No3

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A delicious blend of Brazilian, Colombian and El Salvadorian Arabica coffee, Black Gold No3 espresso is a signature blend that won two gold stars in the UK Great Taste Awards in 2014. 

This blend is hand roasted to just beyond first crack to give it a rich espresso zing whilst still retaining the natural flavours that are manifested at origin. Its rich chocolate and biscuit base makes it very drinkable, and a firm favourite amongst our customers. 


Brazil, Fazenda Pantano: Yellow Bourbon, Pulped Natural

Colombia, Agustino Forest: Caturra, Wet Process

El Salvador, La Ilusion: Bourbon, Wet Process

Recommended Brew Method: Espresso, French Press


For a perfect double espresso, use a 1:2 ratio of coffee to water (18g Black Gold and 36g water) and extract between 20 and 30 seconds.