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Moose Maple Butter

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This amazingly tasty maple butter came to our attention through Instagram (it's hard to miss, with its eye-catching branding) As soon as we spotted it we knew we had to try it!

Luckily for us, Farrah from Moose Maple was kind enough to send us over some samples and it is safe to say we were incredibly impressed! Such a simple yet perfect product! Even better, we find out that Moose Maple is produced just down the road from us in Cross Hands. It was a no-brainer that we had to find a way to get this product here, available for you.

Trust us you need some Moose in your life! Try it and you will not be disappointed!

For some great suggestions on how to use Moose Maple, check out their Insta feed here!

Here is a bit more info...

The moose story:

It all began early one morning in New York City, when a slice of hot, buttered toast was in desperate need of something sweet. Not just anything ‘sweet’, it had to be natural and wholesome sweet (so that meant none of the many available sugary jams or chocolate spreads would do).

Enter a jar of pure maple syrup…

The explosion of flavours from the rich butter and the sweet maple syrup on that warm toast was so delicious and divine, (even if it was a sticky mess of dripping maple syrup) it just needed to be shared with everyone! So there it was: the beginnings of Moose Maple Butter.

That unforgettable taste has led to months of RESEARCHING (there’s nothing like it available easily in the UK or in the US); PONDERING (it’s such a fast and easy breakfast or after school snack (or a naughty midnight snack for grown-ups) and it’s also naturally delicious – so why is it not available everywhere?); TESTING (very happy nieces and nephews and friends and family); and PERFECTING the recipe (absolutely nothing but pure, very carefully selected, natural ingredients, all lovingly blended together … so that it’s not messy!)

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